Sometimes They’re Blue… – Sergei Polunin
Sometimes They’re Blue…

Sometimes They’re Blue…

“He had these eyes. They were blue and they looked bluer because he had a dark head of hair. Soulful, and in some way; they seemed to say things that I knew he’s probably never said out loud.”  – Audrey Bell

“People with blue eyes are kind-hearted and always look for the best in people. They love with all their heart and are hard to forget about if you get the chance to love them. They are the best at pretending to be happy and tend to please others before themselves.”  –  Unknown

“I wish to stay drenched forever in those rain-blue eyes in those…soul-reaching crystals not moving a muscle nor breathing just savoring this turquoise ache against my heart.”  – Sanober Khan

“His eyes are blue, and blue eyes up close are a celestial phenomenon: nebulae as seen through telescopes, the light of unnamed stars diffused through dusts and elements and endlessness. Layers of light. Blue eyes are starlight.”   – Laini Taylor

“They’re crystal blue, a shade that shouldn’t exist on the human body, I shade I immediately crave, a shade that makes my heart beat a little bit faster–almost as if I recognize it…It’s the most perfect blue I’ve ever seen. Even from this distance his eyes are simply remarkable.”  – Kiersten White

“His eyes are blue like the ocean, and baby, I’m lost at sea.”  – Unknown



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