Bump In The Road… – Sergei Polunin
Bump In The Road…

Bump In The Road…

If you’re missing a few of my videos, they had to be taken down at the request of the Royal Ballet. It seems that even still, they have a hold on Sergei. I had to either delete them from YouTube, or have my account disabled. The videos in question were not being monetized and were originally listed as “acceptable” videos. I had given proper credit to all concerned in the descriptions, never once claiming that the works were my own in any way. I posted the videos for pure enjoyment, to share with other fans, and to try to keep what few samples of his classical ballet performances in existence available for posterity. However, rules are rules, and this is the right thing to do.

bump in the road

I apologize sincerely. It was never my intention to step on anyone’s toes. I have never been one to bend the rules. I truly thought I was acting in accordance with YouTube’s guidelines. Apparently, I misinterpreted a few. I was often greatly concerned about such a thing happening as there are many that are very vague and broad. However, as time passed with no reprimands, I figured everything was okay. It was not. Finally, though I reiterate that this is the right and proper thing to do, it makes me very sad for us all. It is Sergei’s fans (past, present, and future) who are being denied.
Now, all that being said, I shall continue to “play” and “choreograph” and “experiment” with video. Just a bit more carefully! You all have been amazing over the past couple of years. You have changed my life just when I thought it was over (as I knew it for so long). For the warm way you welcomed me… the beautiful new friendships… the endless support and love, I will be eternally grateful. Love to all. – Pam 

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