“The Fallen” A Powerful Short Film, Sergei Will Break Your Heart – Sergei Polunin
“The Fallen” A Powerful Short Film, Sergei Will Break Your Heart

“The Fallen” A Powerful Short Film, Sergei Will Break Your Heart

Fallen in battle, a wounded soldier tries to outrun death, but the angel of mercy is waiting to bring him peace.

Starring Sergei Polunin and Jessica Gomes

Sergei Polunin / Сергей Полунин “The Fallen”
This is the third in a series of videos I’ve created from a film short (please see credits below). Sergei Polunin, phenomenal ballet star, portrays a young soldier wounded on the battleground. He awakens amid carnage and death. He rises, and runs. We see flashes of his life, of brilliance and hope, as he flees. An angelic figure is seen watching (waiting) for his arrival. She reaches out for him with open arms as he sprints across a bridge toward her. He smiles as his eyes meet hers, but he does not make it into the comfort of her caress. He succumbs to his wounds. We see him fall in life, a life of youth and promise cut tragically short. His lifeless body lies amid the wreckage where he first arose, and he now lies peacefully in the arms of the angel.

Original film: http://www.lachapellestudio.com/film/…
Actors: Sergei Polunin and Jessica Gomes
Director: David LaChapelle
Alternative Music: “The Seeker” by Kai Engel

I take no credit for any of the images seen here. I intend no copyright infringement. I only wish to explore, expose to others, and honor the amazing work of these other people.
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