Fans Comment On A Review in The Telegraph (UK) – Sergei Polunin
Fans Comment On A Review in The Telegraph (UK)

Fans Comment On A Review in The Telegraph (UK)

Comments in response to a review appearing in The Telegraph (UK).
Author:  Mark Monahan, dance critic.
15 MARCH 2017 • 12:00 PM

A.L.  – 18 Mar 2017 6:52AM
“I disagree completely with this review. The show is one of the most interesting work I’ve ever seen, to describe it to those who have not seen it yet, I can only say that it’s like finding a unique piece of craftsmanship in a department store: it’s not only beautiful, it gives you also the satisfaction of having contributed to something outside the box. The three works are very different but even if Icarus was not my cup of tea, for example, I liked the concept behind it and of course, the overflowing virtuosity of Polunin. He really is from another planet. Like many others, I bought the tickets when title and location were the only reliable information, and the reason is on stage: whatever he does, Sergei Polunin never disappoints. However in the case of the Project Polunin there are also many other positive elements like the music of Ilan Eshkeri, really a pleasant surprise and a general enthusiasm that the project transmits, something like a breath of fresh air.”

O.G.  – 16 Mar 2017 3:20PM
“This review could have been written by an ex-girlfriend abandoned and resentful. Yes, Sergei Polunin left the Royal Ballet and now you have no more your marzipan doll who dance for you in the Christmas Nutcracker (a real tragedy!). But leave the Royal Ballet or disagree with some aspects of the big companies is not a crime, is called freedom of thought, though perhaps in the ballet’s world this is a crime. Fortunately Polunin couldn’t care less about these vulgar spite, as he often said, he dances for his audience and the audience at the end of the show was enthusiastic. But of course this is not important, for a review is more important to say that the dancer left the Royal Ballet!”

A.B.  – 16 Mar 2017 7:28AM
“Just another bitter article!
London on his high horse still cannot face the fact Sergei disdain dubious honor of Royal Ballet and revealed its dark secrets to the world. All the performances, dear Author, are sold out and that’s the biggest review on Sergei’s project.
No matter how hard you will try to criticize his ideas and works, know that audience loves Polunin and you can’t do anything about that. You seem not to understand importance of Polunin’s figure in the dance history. “For it’s looking as if Polunin needed the Royal Ballet – for its discipline, its, rigour, its repertory – far more than the Royal Ballet needed him.” This statement is a joke! FYI, exactly dancers like Osipova and Polunin made the art of ballet again alive, bringing freshness and highest skills to this old royal coach covered only with dust, called ROH.
Time to wake up.
Horrible, subjective and unprofessional review. Shame.”

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