Help Pam See Sergei Dance – Sergei Polunin
Help Pam See Sergei Dance

Help Pam See Sergei Dance

I have a ticket!!  Now, I just gotta get there!

As many hours of footage as I have watched/played with, I have never seen Sergei Polunin perform live.  It is my dream.  Some day… SOME DAY!!  Well, some day may be sooner than I thought!  I have a ticket to see him dance at Estas Tonne in Sacramento, California.  However, now I gotta find a way to get there!!

Help Pam see Sergei!

I have started a GoFundMe page to help cover airfare and hotel expenses.  With my home still in disrepair thanks to Hurricane Harvey over a year ago, every cent I have goes to that.  I hate to let my ticket go, but I can not afford to spend money on “fun” while my home is still lacking some basic.. well, home things, like baseboards, floor that is not concrete, window sills and door frames, not to mention DOORS, etc….


I always said that if ever he came to the states, I’d be there… but omgosh, from Texas to California is so far lol!!!  I was hoping for Houston…

Anything will help, and I will be forever grateful.


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