Hurricane Harvey Interrupts Life (Not Sergei’s, Mine) – Sergei Polunin
Hurricane Harvey Interrupts Life (Not Sergei’s, Mine)

Hurricane Harvey Interrupts Life (Not Sergei’s, Mine)

Hurricane Harvey came ashore during the dark of night bringing historical amounts of rain.  I live on the Texas coast in a little town called Orange.  Orange is 90 minutes east of Houston, which was also ruined by Harvey.  Orange received a direct hit from Harvey when he made landfall for the second time.  When the waters came inside, the kitties and I moved upstairs to the studio.  When dawn broke, there was nearly 2 feet of water inside my house, and my car (which was parked in the garage).  Power was out for 5 days and the water receded in about the same time frame.

As much as I would love to be working on Sergei things, I will be quite busy for a while.  The bottom 4 feet of the sheetrock will have to be replaced.  All my furnishings were ruined.  As soon as water allowed, my brother brought me by boat (there was still water outside and we were all staying at my mom’s who avoided the flood waters narrowly) to start clean up, then he left to tend to his flooded house.  It’s hot, sweaty, gross, sad work, but the sooner you get at it, the better the outcome.  So, that is where/what my next few weeks will be.  Starting over isn’t all bad, I’ve always liked change.  I know some of you were affected as well, or had family that were, which I hate, but we’re all gonna be just fine.  Hard work doesn’t scare Texans.


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