Sergei at the Origen Festival Cultural 2017 – Sergei Polunin
Sergei at the Origen Festival Cultural 2017

Sergei at the Origen Festival Cultural 2017

Origen Festival Cultural 2017 at the Performance Art Theatre in Riom, Graubunden, Switzerland

On July 31, the Theater of the Origen Festival will be inaugurated on the Julier Pass … near St Moritz in Switzerland.

Federal Councilor Alain Berset has a speech on the National Day and the dancer Sergei Polunin – with “Take me to Church” who became a YouTube star – shows his latest solo with new choreography by Andrey Kaidanovsky on the 31st July … and on the 3,4,5 August.

In addition, fragments of the trilingual opera “Apocalypse” by Gion Antoni Derungs are shown.  They give a taste for the full performance, which is on the program in the first half of August.

The Juliet tower was built in two and a half months of construction and cost two million francs so far. To make it winterfest will devour another million, as the organizers announced on Wednesday. This money must be raised in the coming months.

According to Origen, the biblical story about the Tower of Babel was the inspiration for the project on the Julier. The Babylon myth explains the multilingualism of the world. At the Julier Pass, which separates and links large linguistic areas, the myth is reflected in the cultural reality of the Canton of Graubünden.

Author: Bev Steyn

Photos: Galina Polunina and Bowie Verschuuren


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