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Sergei Rocks, Rolls Le Corsaire

Sergei Rocks, Rolls Le Corsaire

The grand and glorious Le Corsaire.  Manly men, beautiful girls, amazing costumes, and difficult choreography… this ballet has it all.

Le Corsaire is a ballet typically presented in three acts, with a libretto originally created by Jules-Henri Vernoy de Saint-Georges loosely based on the poem The Corsair by Lord Byron. Originally choreographed by Joseph Mazilier to the music of Adolphe Adam, it was first presented by the ballet of the Théâtre Impérial de l’Opéra in Paris on January 23, 1856. All modern productions of Le Corsaire are derived from the revivals staged by the Ballet Master Marius Petipa for the Imperial Ballet of St. Petersburg throughout the mid to late 19th century.

The ballet has many celebrated passages which are often excerpted from the full-length work and performed independently.  The most well known being the so-called “Le Corsaire pas de deux” which is among classical ballet’s most famous and performed excerpts.  Portions of this excerpt are presented below.  First, with the original music, and secondly and just for fun, with some good ol’ rock and roll!

A 2014 performance of Le Corsaire with Sergei Polunin as “Ali” and Vera Sabantseva as “Medora” at the Novosibirsk State Academic Opera and Ballet Theatre.

See more Sergei on the Sergei Polunin, Graceful Beast YouTube channel.

“Le Corsaire” Huge Ballet Jumps in 1080HD… Glorious!

“Le Corsaire” Huge Ballet Jumps in 1080HD… Glorious!

Sergei Polunin / Сергей Полунин “Le Corsaire” huge ballet jumps in 1080HD… glorious!

Clips from the ballet “Le Corsaire”
Composer: Adolphe Adam
Choreographer: Joseph Mazilier

Sergei Polunin is a Ukrainian ballet dancer.  He is famous for his “once every hundred years” talent and incredulous elevation, as well as his impeccable technique and glorious dramatic range. Starring in Hozier’s viral video ”Take Me To Church,” he brought an unprecedented new awareness to ballet.  He starred in Diesel’s “Make Love Not Walls” campaign, and in addition, is a much sought after model and actor. Sergei recently appeared in Kenneth Branaugh’s Murder On The Orient Express.  In “Dancer,” a documentary of his life, he played himself.  Also in the works are “White Crow” and “Red Sparrow.”

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