The Tao Of Sergei – Sergei Polunin
The Tao Of Sergei

The Tao Of Sergei

The Tao Of Sergei

By Pam Boehme Simon.  Gathered from information told to interviewer Olga Zhyzhko for Vogue UA.

noun \ˈdau̇,ˈtau̇\
1. guiding principles of all reality
2. the rational basis of human activity or conduct


The most important quality is Love.  “If you treat everything with love, your world becomes different.  You see everything in different colors.”

A worthy goal is to re-invent a world without money.  “Then people can do what they want and not be dependent upon money.   Artists do not need money to create, and they don’t believe in money.  It is possible to do everything without money.  People need to believe that.  It would be good to see the world like that, so that people will do what they believe in.”

Emotions and energy.  “I always give positive emotions.  Even when I’m in a bad mood.  It must be pure energy.  I think it’s a conversation between the spectator and the artist on a subconscious level.  Both spectator and artist are exchanging energies between them.”

Happiness.  “I am coming back to the feeling of happiness and being carefree.   I think it’s important and I don’t understand why people have to change, why, when we become older, we find it necessary to change.  Why can’t we stay in the same state of purity and correctness?  Unfortunately, the world is made like this:  it is changing you.  But that’s not right.  People who don’t have the right vision and dreams did it.  It is necessary to change it and live happy.  We forget that we need to live happily.  We always invent problems and concerns.  And children don’t.”

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