Sergei Said. – Sergei Polunin
Sergei Said.

Sergei Said.

Sergei said…


“I have got more work and, I find happiness in work. It is in the implementation of something, the opportunity to learn new things, to travel and just to be happy and enjoy any moment. This is happiness, it’s more of an internal state.” – Sergei Polunin



“Dance is the art of controlling your energy. Dance is a big release of energy, you send it out, your whole body performs great movements.”  – Sergei Polunin

“When you take off and you hover in the air, and your body lets you do that, you know, just a couple of seconds, it’s like, worth dancing for.” – Sergei Polunin

“You cannot create more steps for ballet. Everything is already developed. But you can freshen it up…”  – Sergei Polunin, Eye For Film article, 2016



“We had two performances in La Scala and obviously everyone noticed immediately that there was something between us – you can always see true sentiment on the stage. Many people would then approach me and say, “You have never looked at anyone like this.” And I realized that indeed I hadn’t – for four years I hadn’t even looked the ballerinas in the eyes.” – Sergei Polunin, Russia Beyond article, February 2016

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