Sergei Polunin – Graceful Beast
Sergei Polunin, Graceful Beast

Sergei Polunin, Graceful Beast

graceful beast

Welcome to Sergei Polunin, Graceful Beast

sergei polunin graceful beast
The Graceful Beast, Sergei Polunin

This is an archival fan site dedicated to Sergei Polunin.

I am undertaking and approaching this privilege (I sincerely believe that’s what it is) humbly, with care and love.  I look at it like this… If someone had known from very beginning how special Baryshnikov or Nureyev, Nijinsky or Pavlova, for example, were going to become, and they began stockpiling information about them for posterity.   Just think what that would mean to us today and to future balletomanes.  We who are here now have this chance.  So, I am gathering pictures, videosanything and everything about Sergei Polunin, Graceful Beast.   As fans of the ballet and ballet dancers, we understand how lucky we are to live at this time.  We are watching what could very well be a legend in the making.  We can one day tell others, “I remember when Sergei…” and a very fortunate few can say, “I saw him dance.”

sergei polunin graceful beast small boy
Sergei as a young boy in Kiev.

He has been…

A stand-out little boy in ballet class.  A prodigy.  A phenom.  A superstar.  An activist.  A visionary.

After that, only time will tell.  With his “once every hundred year” talent, his quiet and unassuming demeanor, his kind and gentle personality, his emotional and sensitive heart, and his passionate and artistic soul, we could be witnessing the birth of a full blown supernova.

sergei polunin graceful beast tattoos 2016
Sergei Polunin (2016)

Why “Graceful Beast?”

The nickname “Graceful Beast” was initially given to Sergei by his Royal Ballet School classmates for the powerful and aggressive, yet graceful, way he dances.  I think it a very fitting title, and appropriate for more than just his dancing abilities.  Therefore, I name and dedicate this site, “Sergei Polunin, Graceful Beast” in tribute to what he has accomplished and for what he has yet to do.

I started out making fan videos for Sergei and other ballet dancers.  If you would like to watch something while I work on this site, here’s a link to my Youtube channel.  Hope you enjoy, and if so, please subscribe.  I also invite you to visit and like the Sergei Polunin, Graceful Beast FaceBook page.

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