Notable Comments – Sergei Polunin
Notable Comments

Notable Comments

The many, many comments I receive are all dear to me, even the ones whose opinions disagree (those often lead to deep discussions and deeper friendships).  But, every once in awhile, a comment comes in that really resounds.  Here is where I shall keep those.  The first to find a home here is from a former Kherson resident and childhood gymnast.

This comment is in response to 2012 Article “A Dancer’s Demons”

“Very impressed. Touched to the tears. Feel his pain, understand the hardship of his childhood and all difficulties of the life in the new country without real support of parents.
He has rare talent. The Mother Nature gave him A LOT.
But that is a huge responsibility.
My wishes of the very best.
I’m waiting for your new discoveries in the wonderful world of DANCE.
Former resident of Kherson, Gymnast in my childhood, permanent lover of world of arts, Doctor V. The U.S.”


The next comment I deem worthy of special placement is from a famous author who is well acquainted with Sergei’s best friend and oft-times choreographer, Jade.  I was absolutely thrilled that she reached out to me.  It is an honor I am quite proud of.  It appeared on the homepage of this site.

“I wrote ‘Designing the Dance’ with very personal interviews … The entire story of Sergei Polunin and Jade Hale-Christofi. You might want to read it, as it describes everything they did together at the Royal School of Ballet and then beyond, until Sergei decided to leave the company. In London, he and Jade were going to move to LA to become actors and then David LaChapelle stepped in and asked them to do the video, ‘Take me to Church’ in Maui, Hawaii. That video is available in my book, ‘Designing the Dance,’ available exclusively for ballet lovers from It is the first e-published book ever to contain a complete video of Sergei Polunin and ‘Take me to Church’ without a YouTube link. Sony International granted it to me because it’s one of the best videos of a truly great ballet dancer, Sergei Polunin, and his choreographer, Jade Hale-Christofi, my friend. Best, Pam Russ.”

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