My Sergei YouTube Channel And How It All Began – Sergei Polunin
My Sergei YouTube Channel And How It All Began

My Sergei YouTube Channel And How It All Began

More Sergei?

Yes, please! There are over 300 videos featuring Sergei Polunin on my YouTube channel neatly compiled into my Sergei Polunin playlist. Hours and hours of Sergei, 24/7. So please enjoy!

Wait… what?

Over 300 videos? That’s a lot of videos… seems like only yesterday I uploaded the very first one. My vintage 2008 YouTube channel, dusty and neglected, found new life in 2017. Thanks to Sergei Polunin, and about 8,000 new friends.

Watch this breathtaking video, and many more on YouTube.

My YouTube channel and how it all began

I first joined YouTube way back in 2008. I uploaded a few recital videos from my dance studio, a cat video or two, and one vandalizing raccoon that got in one night while I was out of town and tore up my house. Fun stuff, but I soon lost interest, and my YouTube channel sat. For years… and years.

Then, in January of 2017, I created my very first Sergei Polunin video. With no idea whatsoever of what I was about to set in motion, I uploaded the video to my old neglected YouTube channel. Well, that was fun. So I made another. And another. And another.

One day, someone “liked” one of my Sergei videos. I started paying more attention. “Oh my gosh, look how many people have been watching??!!” I said to myself. Wow! To say I was surprised is an understatement. I was blown away! Who in the world would ever want to watch my silly little videos. I just made them for fun. At first.

A welcome side effect of video creation

I had spent the last 30+ years choreographing annual recital dances for my ballet school, usually as many as 20 – 30 pieces per year. In June of 2016, the door slammed shut on that creative outlet out of the blue. Slammed shut with no chance of opening again by a Parkinson’s diagnosis. You don’t “get better” when you have Parkinson’s. This major life event of course brought about a multitude of emotions and feelings, however, the one pertinent to our story is this:

Over time, I went from teaching 5 or 6 classes a day to teaching 2 a week. I began to feel creatively stopped up. I tried many things to relieve the pressure. Drawing, painting, redecorating my twice-hurricane-ravaged home… nothing was the same. Then, something occurred to me. After making a few videos, I felt better! Was this the much needed release for all the pent up creativity? For all the frustration and anger and sadness that had been building up ever since Parkinson’s began taking ballet away from me?

Videos… helped?

Nothing I had tried could take the place of my wonderful, beautiful, exquisite, magical, beloved ballet. Dancing, performing, teaching, choreographing… nothing else came close. I had gone from ballet being a major part of every single day of my life, to almost nil. I used to go through ballet slippers and pointe shoes weekly, even daily… and now the same sad pair of ballet shoes has been in my dance bag for almost two years.

Editing video is very similar to editing music, something I have done for years and am very familiar with. Editing video is… like… choreographing!!! I began to call it “choreographing with pixels” instead of people. I could “choreograph” dances out of bits of video and still shots. Suddenly, the pall lifted a little. Ballet could still play a part in my life.

How did Sergei get mixed up in this?

Okay, so that guy I had seen in Hozier’s “Take Me to Church” video. He was unbelievable. A legend in the making everyone said. So, I set out to learn about Sergei Polunin. His story, his talent, his training, his journey, everything about him, had my mind doing pirouettes and jetés. The more I learned , the more I knew this young dancer was the real deal. A full blown, no doubt, one in a million, force of nature possessing every single thing one needed to be a ballet superstar. From his striking, ever-changing countenance to his perfectly arched feet, he was made for ballet, and was going to make ballet history.

Sergei Polunin became my favorite subject.

8,631 thanks

And, that, is the story of my YouTube channel. The old, forgotten channel that grew up to have 8,631 subscribers and 5,632,308 views as of March 29, 2019. So, thank you all very much. It’s been a unexpected, exciting adventure, and one that I hope to continue to be on for a long, long time.

Yours in gratitude and love,


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