Frivolette Article May 11, 2016 – Sergei Polunin
Frivolette Article May 11, 2016

Frivolette Article May 11, 2016

Sergei Polunin about favourite ballet and secret of success

What was your FIRST stage experience?

In “La Bayadere”, in the corps de ballet. I would not say it’s something memorable or interesting.

The impression from the childhood

Games in the yard with the kids.

How to start a morning

With discontent, you need to get up.

Perfect day

To do nothing

You do not like

Mean people.

You never tried


You want to meet…

Johnny Depp.

Three things that are always with me …

Phone, passport and credit card.


I have no habits.


Watching films.

Favorite city


You are proud…

Of my girlfriend.

What are you willing to change about yourself?


Social networks

Negative attitude


The Doors

You are reading

Now I read the play. I take acting classes.

Favorite movie

“The Wrestler” with Mickey Rourke.

You can not live without …


Love is..

This is a beloved one.

Secret of success

Listen to yourself.

I’m sorry …

So far, nothing.


The sense of independence.

Stage mishap

Did not have.


Speak in all languages without an accent.


I do not drink coffee.

The best quality in a man

I do not have it, but stability.



The ritual before a performance

Sleep before the show.

How do you respond to criticism.

I see no need to respond to it.

Favorite show

Gisele. The ideal combination of senses, art and play.


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