Intentions | Sergei Polunin


I see this site as an archive.  A collection of all things Sergei Polunin.  A keeping place for anything and everything having to do with this dancer, man, human being.  So far, in his short 27 years, he has turned the dance world on it’s ear more than once, and I foresee him doing likewise with anything he sets his mind to.  He is a phenomenal ballet dancer, a stunning man, a beautiful, flawed human being.  While most of us do so in the privacy of our own darkened room, he had to grow up under a magnifying glass.  He went through the crap all of us do at that age with the world’s collective eye upon him.  Yet, somehow, he was able to emerge on the other side in a pool of light, with visions and plans and a new sense of self.  As he saut de chats into his future, I give away my age as I say, “More power to you, Sergei.  Keep on keepin’ on.”

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