Mickey Rourke Interviews Sergei Polunin, March 2014 – Sergei Polunin
Mickey Rourke Interviews Sergei Polunin, March 2014

Mickey Rourke Interviews Sergei Polunin, March 2014

Loosely translated with Google Chrome from a March 2014 Andy Warhol’s Interview article.

Interview, March 28, 2014 at 15:50

The youngest and most brilliant principal of London’s Royal Ballet traded the western troupe for the stage of the Musical Theater of Stanislavsky and Nemirovich-Danchenko. But, according to Interview, could any day set sail for Hollywood.  Mickey Rourke invited him. Personally.

POLUNIN:  A strange thing happened to me just a couple of months ago.  Mystic somehow.  Let’s say, when I did the tattoo joker, began a crazy time in my life.  Made tattoo of my director – and everything was stable. When I got Mad House on my back, started again same game.  On my back is the inscription “I’m sorry, tiger.” I lost the girl I called the cub. So I made a tattoo to get her back.

Rourke:  Never forever be engraved next to the name of the girl, as I did.  A long time to get rid of it. ( Polunin laughs. )  I had just cut a piece of skin. ( Rourke turns to the dog, sitting on his hands. )  Kiss Daddy!  Do not want?  Only after shopping?  Oh, it flows Russian blood! ( Laughs .) Russian blood from Beverly Hills.

POLUNIN:  Moscow girls too often powder brains.

Rourke:  Yeah, heard.  Hey, is there something you’re eating, or what?

POLUNIN:  No, it’s just a lip balm.

Rourke:  Gotcha.  When you’re in LA, you can stay with me.  On the second floor.  I’ll feed you normal food.

POLUNIN:  Thank you, Mickey!

Rourke:  To your health!  Still, I would take you up on a couple of ballet lessons.  I want just once to jump really high.

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