Pam Finally Sees Sergei Dance – Sergei Polunin
Pam Finally Sees Sergei Dance

Pam Finally Sees Sergei Dance

After years of editing pixels, cutting music, creating videos, Pam Boehme Simon gets to see him in real life. Pam finally sees Sergei dance!

Pam Finally Sees Sergei Dance


I hesitate to start writing anything at all, as no mere words will do justice.

But I’m gonna try.

First, the trip there.  Sacramento, California is in no way shape or form close to where I live.  I live two hours east of Houston in a tiny town called Orange.  We are the last town in Texas on Interstate 10 before you cross the border into Louisiana.  In a straight line, it’s 1684 miles or 2709 kilometers from Orange to Sacramento.  My trip there involved about 2 hours drive time, 3 airports, 4 hours layover time, and 10 hours flight time.  However, totally worth it.  I’d do it again in a heartbeat.

I went to Sacramento for no other reason than to see Sergei dance, so after arriving I pretty much sat in my hotel room waiting…

I arrived at the Crest Theater in downtown Sacramento a little more than an hour early.  The theater is like out of a dream!  Fantastical, whimsical, amazing!  From the tiny little ticket booth out front to the “blue sky” ceiling in the main space… oh my.  I could not imagine a more perfect venue for what was to come.   Built in 1948 by Fox West Coast Theatres, it opened July 7, 1949.  Mostly still original, the highly stylized, art deco theater is host to concerts, Red Carpet movie premieres, comedy shows, private events and more.  At some point in time, the Crest was bought by Mel Brooks and Anne Bancroft.  In 1996 they sold it to Gloria León who still owns it today.  It was designated “Historic” in 2010.

Once near my seat, I met Kathleen, a fellow Sergei fan.  It was great to meet another supporter!  Our seats were near each other front to back.  I also knew that fan “Evil DelBono” would be there as well.  She had told me earlier that she had already purchased tickets to see Estas Tonne BEFORE even knowing Sergei would be there!  She needless to say was thrilled when his guest appearance was announced.  We did not meet, but I know she was there.  =)

So, the show starts.  Estas Tonne, was incredible.  I admit never hearing of him before ever, but his music and talent were astounding.  We were told we would be going on a “journey” and we certainly were.  The music was mesmerizing.  I couldn’t help but close my eyes and watch the pictures conjured up in the darkness behind my eyelids.  THANK GOODNESS for Kathleen, who turned back and whispered me back to awareness just as Sergei was stepping onto the stage!

My first glimpse of Sergei in real life, onstage…

First thought that entered my head, silly enough:

“I’ve joked before about being jealous of others who were on the same continent as Sergei, and now I’m actually in the same room.  I’M ACTUALLY IN THE SAME ROOM.”

He stepped lightly and silently onto the stage, coming up from steps on stage right.  Tonne’s music was quiet and gentle, and Sergei moved accordingly.  He was beautiful.  Like a being somewhere above “human” in the movement hierarchy… he was delicate and precise, yet, with less effort than a sigh, he would suddenly achieve light speed and launch himself into the stratosphere like we know only he can.  Then, he would touch back down to earth as softly as the sun puddles on the floor.  I actually only heard him make an audible noise landing from a jump once.  It was during a silent moment of the guitar music, and the “thump, thump” of Sergei’s feet were in perfect time with the music.  Tonne’s fingers stilled on the strings briefly, and Sergei’s feet finished the measure perfectly.  “Thump, thump.”  To control a landing so musically… wow.

A few more thoughts that drifted through my head as I watched Sergei dance:

“Graceful is an understatement.”

“How does he pull such power out of nowhere??!?”

“He doesn’t make shapes, he passes through them.”

“He dances completely inside himself, yet he is inside out… so we see everything (this one seems to makes no sense but I couldn’t find another way to put it lol).”

Sergei appeared three times.  The first two, clad all in black, and the third time, he changed into a simple white tee shirt.  I could see a story in my mind.  He took us from tentative searching and careful exploring, wondering and wandering, to finally confident contentment, powerful joy, and  brilliant happiness.  When he moved, there was nothing else in the room.  Just Sergei.  Even Tonne watched Sergei as he danced about him on the stage.

Then, there was the energy.  Sergei had set the room on fire.  Not a harsh, red, destructive fire… but a dazzling, white, cleansing fire.  One that burned without burning.  THIS is how he inspires!  He puts forth an energy that shoots like a laser beam into your mind, heart, and soul.  Inspiration.  Like a blinding white light that hits you so hard you feel the percussion of it.  Stunning, yet painless.  Primal, yet it propels you to a more complex plane of consciousness.

It makes…

It makes you WANT TO.


I will never be the same.

Thank you Sergei.


Video:  Sergei’s first of three times onstage (check back, I will add the others).

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