Sergei Dances Ashanti Development Galas – Sergei Polunin
Sergei Dances Ashanti Development Galas

Sergei Dances Ashanti Development Galas

What is the Ashanti Development?

In 2005, a few natives of Ghana who were residing in London at the time felt the need to help the people who still lived in their home villages in Africa. They approached their British friends and neighbors for help. Thus, the Ashanti Development Organization was created. A charity with zero paid staff or employees, all work done in the UK is strictly voluntary, although they do employ local people as staff in Ashanti itself. Volunteers raise funds for their projects, as well as cover their own expenses. Their mission is to relieve poverty and promote health and development in and around the Ashanti Region of Ghana by means including the provision of safe and accessible water. Of all the money that is donated to Ashanti, 100% is spent on the villagers.

Sergei’s Involvement

On September 28, 2008, the Ashanti Development organization in London put together an evening of dance to raise funds for the charity. The event entitled “Out Of Slavery” celebrated the abolition of slavery. Star artists from the Royal Ballet and Random Dance were among the featured performers. Sergei danced “What if…” with former Royal Ballet School classmate Melissa Hamilton. He also performed a pas de deux with Mara Galeazzi called “End of Time.” The stand alone pas de deux was choreographed by Ben Stevenson to music by Sergei Rachmaninov in 1984. Created for the International Ballet Competition in Japan, it won the gold medal for choreography. 

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Sergei helps out again in 2009

Sergei again performed for the Ashanti Development fundraising gala in 2009. On Sunday, September 27, an evening of music and ballet was held at the Britten Theater, Royal College of Music in London. Called “A Dream of Africa” and organized by Henry Roche and Penny David, this performance celebrated the lives of Martin Luther King, Jr. and Barack Obama, as well as raised funds for the Ghana charity.

This time, Sergei performed in a ballet called Song Without Words with music by Mendelssohn. Vanessa Fenton choreographed the piece and it featured Sergei Polunin, Leticia Stock, and Xander Parish. Dressed in black they were called “a sharp, compelling trio.”

Song Without Words, Xander Parish & Sergei Polunin support Leticia Stock
Photo: Brenda Spooner
A Dream of Africa Royal Ballet Performance
Song Without Words featuring Xander Parish, Leticia Stock, and Sergei Polunin
Photo: Brenda Spooner

100% of the proceeds raised during these events went to the Ashanti Development.

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