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Roses & Mud, Sergei Is Spartacus Part 2

Roses & Mud, Sergei Is Spartacus Part 2

Sergei Polunin “Roses & Mud” …sorrow & torment need not drown us but give us passion to rise.

“Sorrow like rain brings roses and mud.” – Austin O’Malley

Whether dancing Spartacus or Crassus, Sergei Polunin / Сергей Полунин drives home their inner turmoil like a dagger to the heart. Never has so much emotion been conveyed without words. He makes us weep with a glance, with a parting of his lips, our hearts break.
And, as in life, this raw emotion can create “roses and mud.” Mud as we wallow and fight our inner demons, and roses as we purge them and walk through the darkness into new brilliance. And often, whilst in that darkness, the human spirit gives rise to some of the most beautiful works of art. Throughout time, sorrow and despair have led to the creation of some of our most treasured and beloved “roses.”

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