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A Fan Reviews Sergei’s Satori

A Fan Reviews Sergei’s Satori

This review appeared on the Official Sergei Fan Club Facebook page.  It was so beautifully written and so specifically detailed that I immediately felt it needed to be a part of this collective.  Upon asking permission, Maria Swardt graciously consented.  Thank you, Maria.

Text:  Maria Swardt
Featured Photo:  Aleksandra Muravyeva

December 13, 2017


I have never been an unconditional fan of anyone as I believe change is the only constant. Yet, to my surprise, after being at the London Coliseum on December 9th and 10th I understood the ones who say “I love Polunin, no matter what.”
I flew from Barcelona to London with the only purpose of making a dream come true – I wanted to see Natalia Osipova and Sergei Polunin dancing together. I came back home yesterday feeling as if a lightening had struck me, turned me inside out, upside down. As if what mattered up to December 8th is no longer important. That’s how I feel, exaggerated as it may sound.

Saturday December 9th, Polunin was on stage for seven minutes with his FIRST SOLO, premiered in August in Switzerland. An explosion of strength, passion, precise movement and technique. Beautiful music, poetry and great choreography. The stage was too small for so much talent!

After that, SCRIABINIANA – the bodies of ten dancers, pas de deux, expressed so many feelings, so much beauty! They were excellent, perfect I should say. Their bodies spoke to the audience through every single movement. It was delightful and powerful to watch them. And then came Polunin and Osipova and as they danced, perfection turned into love. They absolutely complemented each other as if their bodies were the last two pieces needed to finish the puzzle. The ultimate beauty!

Last, SATORI – Very interesting, beautiful, clever “mise-en-scène”, if that can be said for ballet, great choreography and direction. It somehow reminded me of Le Cirque Du Soleil, don’t ask me why, and I really enjoyed it. Tree of life, mother, little boy (sweet Tom Waddington), shadows,fears and demons, woman/lover/saviour and the troubled seeker. Although SATORI is a Japanese Buddhist word for Awakening, to me it is a homage, a public love letter to Natalia Osipova. She saves him and shows him the meaning of Love, Forgiveness, Dance and Life. He is grateful, thankful and shows it to her. He has found himself, doesn’t need to seek out any longer. They can both rest, naked, in each other’s arms. This is how I understood it. Lovely performance. Very real too. As usual Osipova was brilliant and perfect! But gosh, what a responsibility to be your lover’s saviour!
Great applause at the end.

I was happy to see quite a few children in the audience. Beauty makes people’s hearts better and it’s a good idea to start at a young age.

Sunday December 10th, several wonderful pas de deux, a solo by a really, really good Cuban dancer, Miguel Altunaga, who got a huge round of applause. After that, “Take me to Church.” That’s when I started crying and haven’t been able to stop since, on and off. Cathartic effect. Very needed I believe! The lady sitting next to me, at the Coliseum, was very kind and handed me a perfumed tissue, very useful indeed!

Last, SATORI, once again.

On Sunday the audience was a lot more enthusiastic and the applause was louder. Lots of children too.

If you have the chance to attend the next performance of PROJECT POLUNIN, SATORI, please don’t miss it. It’s really worth it!

Last but not least: I once read Polunin believed Art belongs to everyone and should be within everybodys reach. Tickets should be much cheaper. Programme booklets should be free. Otherwise he will go on creating and performing for a privileged elite which would contradict the aim of his PROJECT.

To the ones who criticise Polunin, please give the man a break, allow him to be different and do whatever he feels like. He is STILL the best! “If you cannot help, at least do not hurt.” To the ones who are busy looking for a partner for Osipova, because you don’t like her being with Polunin, please mind your business and let her mind hers.

To the haters, there are a few on this page, please go boil your head! Like the Scots would say, Awa’ an’ bile yer heid!



Happy Birthday Dear Sergei

Happy Birthday Dear Sergei

Monday, November 20, 2017 Sergei Polunin turned 28 years old.  Birthday greetings flowed in from fans all over the world.

This one, posted by Olga Agapova, stood out among the hundreds of lovely salutations.


English translation:

“Congratulations to the beloved artist, brilliant dancer Sergey Polunin, happy birthday!

I’ve been tracking Sergei’s creative search for years. And every year his work is surprising, giving rise to new thoughts, wishes, experiences.

Outside the framework and stamps, “out of the system”, a unique talent artist who could rest comfortably on an unprecedented early laurels. No one believed, accused of infantilizme and utopian ideas. But now the “Draft project” has become a very “palatable”. there is a playground in Belgrade, there is a team, on December 5 the audience will be represented by the very impressive cast.

In spite of the fact that sergei is essentially a man of the world, it is he who is the most foreign viewer of the Soviet period. As a matter of principle for Sergei, the work of Vladimir Vassiliev, the dance of the sergei in his youth, was to be “Skrâbiniana” Kasiana Golejzovskogo, a unique choreographer with a tragic fate, lost and lost .

Sergei was repeatedly accused of being a professional, but his performances could be counted on one hand. And his partnership is unique. I rarely miss performances, and I’ve seen different situations. It’s one thing to dance with outstanding ballerinas, and another to urgently introduce debutante. Sergei always takes responsibility for the spectacle, for his unusual and the highest level. Shone himself, he tries to present his partner, to introduce her in the better light, to help, to control everything that happens on the stage. It is unlikely that the April of “mayerling” with the replacement of the singer or October “Baâderki” of this year will be removed from memory, and it is precisely because of the extraordinary work and the brighter of the artist’s presence

Polunin was not the first to know the scope of the ballet and the theater, he was not the first to talk about his dreams of being filmed, but from the present generation of tancovŝikov . I do not think about the magnitude of the first steps, but the fact of being involved in three Hollywood paintings for one year.

A Non-Standard Writer’s creative path is bound to be both flows and squalls criticism, rejection and disbelief. Well … it was this morning that Oleg Basilashvili’s phrase was caught in the eye: “people do not tolerate those who have their height”.

I wish sergei in the first place of health, I want him reliable, talented companions, inspiration, good luck, tremendous success of the project, interesting proposals, understanding, warmth and love.

I also want to express my personal gratitude. It was sergei who became my guide to the world of beauty, because of his creativity. It was for the sake of Sergei’s show that I realized that ballet could not be just a beautiful thing, consummate movement, but a living, modern story that on stage, you can see the real art of the transformation on the souls of vnemlûŝego than the verbalizaci of Beautiful music based. It was in the play’s play that I experienced my first cultural shock, catharsis, name it. And it was among his fans that I met on the same wavelength “- in, thinking, adventurous, free, enlightened.

Happy birthday, serezha!


Original Russian transcript:

Поздравляю любимого артиста, блистательного танцовщика Сергея Полунина, с Днем рождения!
Слежу за творческими поисками Сергея уже несколько лет. И каждый год его работы удивляет, дарит повод для новых размышлений, пожеланий, переживаний.
Вне рамок и штампов, «вне системы», уникального дарования Артист, который мог бы спокойно почивать на беспрецедентно рано заработанных лаврах, почувствовал в себе миссию реформатора. Никто не поверил, обвинили в инфантилизме и утопических идеях. Но уже сейчас «Проект Полунин» стал весьма «осязаем». Есть площадка в Белграде, есть команда, 5го декабря зрителям будет представлена уже вторая за год программа с очень впечатляющим кастом.

Невзирая на то, что Сергей является по сути человеком мира, именно он знакомит иностранного зрителя с наследием выдающихся русских хореографов советского периода. Принципиальным для Сергея было представить в своей первой программе работу Владимира Васильева, танец которого вдохновлял Сергея в юности. В декабрьских спектаклях ожидается «Скрябиниана» Касьяна Голейзовского – уникального хореографа с трагической судьбой, незаслуженного забытого и на родине.

Сергея не раз обвиняли в халатном отношении к профессии, но отмены его спектаклей можно пересчитать по пальцам одной руки. А его партнерские качества уникальны. Я редко пропускаю спектакли Полунина, и была свидетелем разных ситуаций. Одно дело танцевать с выдающимися балеринами, а другое экстренно вводить дебютанток. Сергей всегда берет ответственность за спектакль, за его неординарность и высочайший уровень на себя. Блистая сам, он старается преподнести партнершу, представить ее в лучшем свете, помогает, контролирует все происходящее на сцене. Вряд ли апрельский гастрольный «Майерлинг» с заменой исполнительницы или октябрьские «Баядерки» этого года сотрутся из памяти, и запомнились они именно благодаря экстраординарной работе и ярчайшему сценическому присутствию Артиста, кажется совершившего невозможное.

Полунин не первый, кому рамки балета и одного театра показались узкими, он не первый говорил о своих мечтах сниматься в кино, но из нынешнего поколения танцовщиков он, кажется, единственный, кто сумел приблизиться к воплощению мечты. Не берусь рассуждать о масштабности первых шагов, но факт участия в трех голливудских картинах в течение одного года говорит сам за себя.

Нестандартный по всем меркам творческий путь Сергея неминуемо вызывает как потоки обожания, так и шквалы жесточайшей критики, неприятия и неверия. Ну что же… Именно сегодня утром на глаза попалась фраза Олега Басилашвили: «Люди не терпят тех, кто своей высотой подчеркивает их приземленность».

Желаю Сергею в первую очередь здоровья, так необходимого для всех его начинаний и устремлений, желаю ему надежных, талантливых соратников, вдохновения, удачи, колоссального успеха Проекту, интересных предложений, понимания, тепла и любви.

А еще я хочу выразить личную благодарность. Именно Сергей стал моим проводником в мир прекрасного, именно благодаря его творчеству настолько обогатилась моя жизнь. Именно на спектакле Сергея, я поняла, что балет может быть не просто красивым, виртуозным движением, а живой, современной историей, что на сцене можно увидеть настоящее искусство перевоплощения танцовщика в героя, и что нет более мощного воздействия на души внемлющего нежели вербализация заложенных в прекрасной музыке интонаций. Именно на спектакле Полунина я испытала свой первый культурный шок, катарсис, назовите как угодно. И именно среди его поклонников я встретила друзей «на одной волне»- чувствующих, думающих, авантюрных, свободных, просвещенных.
С Днем рождения, Сережа!

I Love Finding Old Blog Entries

I Love Finding Old Blog Entries

A blog entry from 2012 soon after Sergei had arrived in Moscow from London…

blog entry also

Fans Comment On A Review in The Telegraph (UK)

Fans Comment On A Review in The Telegraph (UK)

Comments in response to a review appearing in The Telegraph (UK).
Author:  Mark Monahan, dance critic.
15 MARCH 2017 • 12:00 PM

A.L.  – 18 Mar 2017 6:52AM
“I disagree completely with this review. The show is one of the most interesting work I’ve ever seen, to describe it to those who have not seen it yet, I can only say that it’s like finding a unique piece of craftsmanship in a department store: it’s not only beautiful, it gives you also the satisfaction of having contributed to something outside the box. The three works are very different but even if Icarus was not my cup of tea, for example, I liked the concept behind it and of course, the overflowing virtuosity of Polunin. He really is from another planet. Like many others, I bought the tickets when title and location were the only reliable information, and the reason is on stage: whatever he does, Sergei Polunin never disappoints. However in the case of the Project Polunin there are also many other positive elements like the music of Ilan Eshkeri, really a pleasant surprise and a general enthusiasm that the project transmits, something like a breath of fresh air.”

O.G.  – 16 Mar 2017 3:20PM
“This review could have been written by an ex-girlfriend abandoned and resentful. Yes, Sergei Polunin left the Royal Ballet and now you have no more your marzipan doll who dance for you in the Christmas Nutcracker (a real tragedy!). But leave the Royal Ballet or disagree with some aspects of the big companies is not a crime, is called freedom of thought, though perhaps in the ballet’s world this is a crime. Fortunately Polunin couldn’t care less about these vulgar spite, as he often said, he dances for his audience and the audience at the end of the show was enthusiastic. But of course this is not important, for a review is more important to say that the dancer left the Royal Ballet!”

A.B.  – 16 Mar 2017 7:28AM
“Just another bitter article!
London on his high horse still cannot face the fact Sergei disdain dubious honor of Royal Ballet and revealed its dark secrets to the world. All the performances, dear Author, are sold out and that’s the biggest review on Sergei’s project.
No matter how hard you will try to criticize his ideas and works, know that audience loves Polunin and you can’t do anything about that. You seem not to understand importance of Polunin’s figure in the dance history. “For it’s looking as if Polunin needed the Royal Ballet – for its discipline, its, rigour, its repertory – far more than the Royal Ballet needed him.” This statement is a joke! FYI, exactly dancers like Osipova and Polunin made the art of ballet again alive, bringing freshness and highest skills to this old royal coach covered only with dust, called ROH.
Time to wake up.
Horrible, subjective and unprofessional review. Shame.”

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